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PROMECO Impianti S.r.l. is the Italian Manufacturer Association specialized in sheet metal working
and machine tools.

PROMECO Impianti S.r.l. is composed by a group of leading production Companies known in Europe and all over the world.

Companies belonging to PROMECO Impianti s.r.l. produce the following machines and systems whose application cover all the technological processes relevant to sheet metal working or coils applications:

- longitudinal, traverse or combined cutting lines
- numerically controlled hydraulic or mechancical guillotine shears,
- CNC controlled cutting centers
- synchronized or standard hydraulic press brakes with 3÷7 axes CNC control
- punching centers with CAD-CAM system and tool changer equipped till 50 toolings
- combined punching centers for plasma or laser cutting with CAD-CAM system
- numerically controlled punching presses with multitool AMADA ro MATRIX
- forming lines for corrugated panels, tiles or sandwich panels
- special lines "transfer" type for special applications
- blanking lines
- mechanical press brakes from 20 to 80 tons and relevant working centers
- hydraulic presses with double or triple action from 25 to 1600 tons and relevant working centers
- precise and technologically advanced dies
- trimming and rimming machines after pressing process

For the production of small and medium series we produce:

- hydraulic profiles cutting machines combined with punching and angle cutting units
- universal angle cutting machines combined with punching and bending units
- circular shears, suitable also for working of big sheets

In addition to the above mentioned machines, PROMECO Impianti s.r.l. provides the following special machines

- high precision boring and milling machines with numerical control, suitable also for working of big dimensioned sheets
- plasma cutting centers with numerical control and CAD-CAM, "HyDefinition" system included
- oxygen cutting centers with numerical control and CAD-CAM
- high productivity laser centers on the basis of "Rofin Sinar" generators and complete with loading/unloading systems

PROMECO Impianti S.r.l. is specialized in elaborating projects according to final customers' needs;
delivering is made directly from manufacturers

PROMECO Impanti s.r.l. assures to final customers all after sales services in the name of Promeco group partners for each system supplied both during guarantee period and after the official period of guarantee.

PROMECO group is the key to realise any production project